Easy Recipe Cookbooks | Doing The Now Eat This Diet Has Worked Wonders For My Waistline

Doing The Now Eat This Diet Has Worked Wonders For My Waistline


I woke up one morning and realized that I was fat. I guess that I knew that this has been coming for quite some time. However, it took it while for it to hit me. A friend suggested that I try doing the Now Eat This diet with her. I told my friend that it sounded like a great idea. After all, it is common for people to have successful weight loss when they have a partner to do it with.

I got on the Internet and ordered the cookbook. I was very surprised at all of the full-color pages that were filled with delicious ideas. I also loved the fact that there were so many easy recipes to look forward to. I have never been anyone who is very good in the kitchen. Therefore, I needed something that would be not only easy to prepare but something that would be prepared quickly.

I was a single mother who was just trying to lose a little bit of weight so that I would be healthy enough to take care of my family. My husband actually passed away because he was overweight. I was not going to allow this to happen to myself. If it were not for Rocco Dispirito, I am confident that I would not be alive today. This man gave me so many delicious recipes from sweets to salads, and even pasta. Yes, I am allowed to eat pasta. This has always been one of my favorites. However, I have always been told that I should stay far away from pasta if I am trying to lose weight.

I do not have any problems when it comes to getting my children to eat this delicious food. I was very excited about the fact that Rocco would walk me through cooking every recipe that he had. I was also excited to discover that he had already counted all of the calories for me. This way, I was able to decide before hand whether or not this would be a recipe that I wanted to try. If I was looking to lose weight, I would stick to the lower calorie meals. However, if I was hoping to maintain, I could eat something with a little more calories. I was excited to have healthy meals that would help me to lose weight and taste delicious.

The day that I purchased this book to lose weight was quite possibly one of the best days of my life. My sister would cook meals and I would also cook some meals, and then the two of us would share. This way, we would both be able to try some of these delicious foods a little bit at a time.

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